From the desk of

Patricia McMenamin

District Commodore

April 10, 2018

To All Members,

For the past year a National Auxiliary Directorate has sent us a report on all members in all certifications that were/are classified as REYR, meaning not all tasks have been completed and the member is not current in a certification.

This report is not meaningful as there are many members with one or more REYR certifications where the member has dropped out of that mission area completely. In those cases where a member has no intention of re-certifying or completing the requirements to remove the REYR status, the report would be much more useful if s/he could be removed from the report.

When you voluntarily request removal of a certification, your certification will be removed in AUXDATA and not show in any Certification Reports in AUXDATA (Training Status/Certifications/Training Management Report) or in AUXINFO or AuxDirectory. It also will not show on your Annual Member Letter. REYR is shown on the Training Status and Training Management Reports and in the AUXINFO REYR report.

There is no report that shows that you previously had this certification in AUXDATA or the other systems fed from AUXDATA. If you do not voluntary request removal of a Certification, it will be removed from AUXDATA after five years. Regardless of whether you voluntarily withdraw from the certification by submitting the attached form, your activity hours/exams/visits etc. for this certification will still be in AUXINFO for past years activity. Any training, tests, workshops, etc. will remain on your AUXDATA/AUXINFO Training Report.

If you desire at a future date to renew your certification, you will have to complete the initial qualification procedures and tests required for a new certification.

So, the main purpose of this voluntary removal is that it will assist flotilla and other Auxiliary leaders in determining how many members are really in a REYR status (versus just waiting the five years to be removed from the reports), how many we need to contact and assist in getting re-certified, and where we need to focus our training efforts to provide enough members to accomplish missions and support the Coast Guard.

Attached is a voluntary form to submit through the Help Desk to document that you are not going to become active in that certification again, and so you can be removed from the REYR status, the REYR report, and that certification. We encourage you to do so if you have determined that you are no longer going to participate in a certification(s). Instructions to complete the form are listed on the back of the form.

Request Termination of Certification

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