James Parker
District Captain North (DCAPT-N)


The members of Team North, as the six divisions represented on this page are occasionally referred to, I welcome you to learn more about us and how we complement the Seventh District USCG Auxiliary.

Our area is organized into six Divisions containing thirty three Flotillas. We number approximately 1800 members and cover a vast geographic region that ranges from South Carolina’s northern border, south through Georgia, and into NE Florida down to just south of Titusville.

Take a moment and visit the websites of the six divisions of Team North:

DIVISION 2 encompasses interior Georgia and western South Carolina. Division 2 supports Sector Charleston and performs a multitude of missions in this inland area of many lakes and rivers.

DIVISION 4 works to support Sector Jacksonville, and in particular Coast Guard Station Ponce de Leon, in the area referred to as East Central Florida.

DIVISION 10 encompasses coastal Georgia and the southern tip of South Carolina. Although working in support of Sector Charleston, Division 10 also supports Coast Guard Station Brunswick, Station Tybee, MSU Savannah, and CG Air Station Savannah.

DIVISION 12 has flotillas spread through most of coastal South Carolina and into the midlands as well. Division 12 works closely with Sector Charleston, Station Charleston, and Station Georgetown.

DIVISION 14 works directly with Sector Jacksonville, including Coast Guard Station Mayport. This very busy division is active in a wide variety of Coast Guard and Auxiliary missions.

DIVISION 17 takes in southeast central and central Florida. This Division works closely with Coast Guard Station Canaveral and the various cutters assigned to it.

The members of the six divisions outlined above welcome your interest. I urge you to contact an Auxiliary flotilla in your area for additional information. Contact information can be found by clicking on “District Websites” found on the left side of the page you are currently reading.


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