Ramses Rodriguez, Auxiliary Sector Coordinator - Sector San Juan

Ramses Rodriguez
Auxiliary Sector Coordinator - Sector San Juan

Sector Communications - Sector San Juan

As ASC of Sector San Juan, I have the opportunity to work side by side and more closely with the Gold Side. I was given the privilege to participate in most if not on all of the big event and activities of the Sector. The big lesson learned is to have good communication at all levels, this includes all Departments. From my point of view, we at Sector San Juan have the advantage over some other Sectors, because our AUXLO is Commander Carlos Torres, Chief Prevention-Operation Department. He has a lot of knowledge about the Auxiliary and most important he is always available to our organization. Not only he enjoys working with us, he also knows about the things we can or can’t do.

We meet almost every week to be up to date with the Sector’s activities, events and other necessities. The AUXLO knows very well our assets and talents, sharing this information with all other Departments at the Sector.