District 7 Commodore Holmes

Commodore John Holmes
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District 7

District 7 has approximately 4000 volunteer members and is one of the largest districts in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Our auxiliary members volunteer their time in all mission areas that the United States Coast Guard provides to our great nation with two exceptions. The exceptions are Direct Law Enforcement and Military Combat. A partial list of the support our dedicated volunteers provide to the United States Coast Guard and the Boating public includes Aircraft Commanders, Air Observers, Vessel Crew and Coxswains, Clergy, Culinary Assistance, Navigation systems, Maritime Patrols, Administrative support, Health services, Interpreter’s, Maritime Safety, Training, Education, Public Affairs, Recruiting, Search and Rescue, and Legal services. We are the Uniformed Civilian component created by “The Coast Guard Reserve Act of 1939“ authorizing a uniformed civilian reserve force that has four key responsibilities. Promoting Safety at Sea, Increasing boating efficiency for U.S. Citizens, Assisting recreational boaters with laws and compliance Supporting active-duty Members of the Coast Guard. We continue to this very day to fulfil these original core missions and many others as well as proud members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. The Commandant of the Coast Guard in 1996 mandated that the Coast Guard Auxiliary be utilized in all missions that the active duty and reserve fulfil with the two previously mentioned exceptions. The Commandants directive greatly expanded the opportunity for our members nationwide to donate their talent, training, time and skills to United States Coast Guard and the boating Public. The resources the Auxiliary provide to the Coast Guard is unlimited and saves our nation millions of dollars annually. We are one of three prongs that serve as part of the United States Coast Guard. The three sections are the Active Duty, Reserves and The Auxiliary. Our Members serve in 17 divisions with both elected and appointed staff providing training, coaching and guidance to our members. Our District Chain of Leadership consists of three ascending levels of greater responsibility for member and mission success. The Flotilla level is our front-line team that works in tandem with the division level who in turn works in tandem with district staff. Our 3 District Captains and 17 Division Commanders are in Puerto Rico, The U.S. Virgin Islands, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. We are a unique diverse group of highly trained volunteers that always looking for new members. If interested, please contact the local Auxiliary unit in your local area or our national staff web site for information on how to become part of this unique uniformed civilian branch of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary.

John W Holmes

USCG Auxiliary

Seventh Coast Guard District

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