Douglas Armstrong, District Captain East (DCAPT-E)

Douglas Armstrong
District Captain East (DCAPT-E)

Welcome to the District 7 East – Captain’s web page! As your District Captain (DCAPT), I look forward to working with you, learning from you and hearing your ideas on the way ahead. I have been a volunteer Coast Guard operator for over 15 years, performing Law Enforcement Patrols, Search and Rescue, Hurricane Response, and many other support missions across the United States and abroad for the Coast Guard. I have also served in many staff officer positions, giving me insight into where we can and perhaps should do better as an organization.

I continue to be impressed by so many of our forward leaning Coast Guard Volunteers, who selflessly give of their time and resources to serve their country and communities. As a student of Servant Leadership, which prioritizes service and those we serve before self, I am honored to work with such fine people. I believe that we should strive to be problem solvers, that a good leader supports their people and finds ways to get to ‘Yes.’ There are several factors that impact retention and influence who steps up to lead, and I want to work with you to improve these areas. To this end, I have five goals that I am committed to advancing as DCAPT.

These five goals include:

I believe that advancing these goals across the District will strengthen our organization, expand our capabilities, solve our retention issues and create a more enjoyable career for our members in the Auxiliary. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on ways we can move forward and improve these and other areas at the district level. My door is always open to discuss the way ahead.

District 7 East is comprised of 3 Sectors, 6 Divisions, 32 Flotillas and 1,356 members. (4/21/2023)

Doug Armstrong
Captain, District 7 East
Coast Guard AuxAir Aircraft Commander IP/FE

Serve First, Lead Second, Stay Humble – VADM Dean Lee.

District 7 East Region

Division 1 - Puerto Rico

Division 3 - Fort Lauderdale

Division 5 - Treasure Coast

Division 6 - Miami

Division 13 - Key West

Division 16 - US Virgin Islands

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