District 7 Public Affairs Office

Public affairs missions are one of the most essential functions of the U.S.Coast Guard Auxiliary. Continuous, effective communication with the public about the services and activities we offer must be a priority concern at all levels within the organizations and units. We strive to position the Coast Guard Auxiliary brand to be synonymous with boating education. We must “tell the story” effectively with both our internal and external audiences and the Coast Guard.

The Public Affair’s primary focus is to use the external media (social media, print, broadcast, public appearances, static displays, and websites) and the internal Auxiliary publications along with our marketing relationships to convey our message.

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary District 7 goals remain the core for our support.

District 7 Mission Statement:

We assist the other Auxiliary Directorates and take advantage of these recourses to accomplish that result. Consistent and positive branding provides the framework to increase recruiting and retention of members and more effective public education classes.

We utilize best practices to deploy the right tool, at the right level, for the right audience. In that regard, we can assist by providing the correct Public affairs tools:

Let us know what it is you need to do your job. The Public Affairs Specialist Program is a great way for skills development by blending formal and on-the-job training. From AUXPA3 (entry level), AUXPA2 (intermediate level) and AUXPA1 (senior level), encouraging training is a way to improve your skills and help other PA Officers. As a Team, we all win. We work closely with the District Publications Team (PB). The District 7 Newsletter, BREEZE, is a national award winning Auxiliary publication. The District 7 PA Team employs “industry best practices to reach our goals.

The District 7 Public Affairs Department consists of seven highly qualified Assistant District Staff Officers (ADSO-PAs). Listed below is their contact information and areas of responsibility.

District 7 The ADSOs and I are available to assist you in your endeavor to “Tell the story”. We strive to follow the Coast Guard media guidelines, “if you did it or were responsible for it, you can talk about it. If not, then don’t”. All of these PA officers are USCG Auxiliary Public Affairs qualified and can give you the direction and expertise you need to follow the USCG public affairs guidelines. We have a compelling story to tell. For more information regarding District 7 Public Affairs contact:

Hank Cushard District Staff Officer- Public Affairs (DSO-PA) Public Affairs Specialist AUXPA1