Auxiliary Core Training (AUXCT) Recertification Requirement

Many Auxiliarists completed some or all of their Mandatory Training (now Core Training) in 2013. That makes the end of 2018 the latest that the 5 year recurring courses can be taken without entering REYR status.

Maintaining Core Training certification is required for:

There are five courses in the Core Training curriculum that are required to be taken every five years.

These courses expire at the end of the fifth calendar year. For example, if an Auxiliarist completed the Civil Rights course on 15 January 2013, it will expire on 31 December 2018.

Members’ AUXCT certification is set to “REYR” on 31 December if one or more of the five recurring courses expire and are not retaken and passed before the end of the fifth calendar year. Members can come out of “REYR” status by completing the training. It’s like any other requirement that places a member in REYR status when training has not been completed.

Flotilla Commanders should have their FSO-IS Officers run an AUXDATA Training Management Report, which shows the current AUXCT status of each member in the unit. The report shows the date the workshop was last completed, which ones are permanent or required every five years, and whether the member is current (Green), within 3 to 6 months of expiration (Orange), within 2 months of expiration (Yellow), or expired/overdue (Red). Flotilla Commanders should work with members identified and advised of approaching expiration certifications to develop a training strategy for recertification. Sample attached.

Additionally, beginning in October, members receive a notification message when their Core Training competency is set to REYR at year-end, with copies sent to their FC, FSO-MT, SO-IS and FSO-OP (sample attached)

Detailed Core Training information and Resources are available on the Training Directorate webpage:

Important information on using the AuxLMS system is in this Knowledgebase Article: All students must read it before attempting any AuxLMS course.

Sample Email AuxCT Training Report Sample