Past Division Captains and Commanders Association

The purpose of the Association is to support the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary:

To encourage all Division Commanders (past and present) to become members of the Past Division Captains and Commanders Association.

Past Division Captains and Commanders Association of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Seventh Coast Guard District is made up of past and present Division Commanders (and past Division Captains). The current membership stands at 62 members and represents over 1,200 years of Auxiliary knowledge and experience.

The Past Division Captains/Commanders Association (PDCPA) was organized on 26 October 1967 and has continued to be a resource to the elected members and appointed members as well as the general membership of District 7.

2017 PDCA Officers

Terry Sweeney, President


Paulette R. Parent, Vice President


Gwen Leys, Immediate Past President


Diane H. Berman, Secretary


Ed Sweeney, Treasurer


PDCA meetings are open to any member of the Auxiliary. However, membership is open only to current or past Division Captains/Commanders. If you are a current or former Division Captain or Division Commander, and are not already a member of the PDCA, you are encouraged to join us at a meeting and consider becoming a member. Annual dues are $5.00. Annual dues checks should be sent to Ed Sweeney,Treasurer 3168 River Grove Circle, Fort Myers Florida 33905-6230 and your name can be added to the distinguished roster of members.

Victor J. Aquino Vito W. Giardina Bruce A. Lindsey
Gary P. Barth Eric M. Glasscott Patricia Ann Mcmenamin
Gregory Allan Barth Eloy Gonzalez Thomas E. Meyer
Diane H. Berman Henry T. Hayden Karen Lynne Miller
Lawrence S. Berman Janee R. Henderson Carl Dalton Motes
Melvyn A. Borofsky Reginald B. Hollar Paulette R. Parent
Jose Israel Caban John William Holmes Paul P. Pelletier
J Dale Cawthorne Como Judith Hudson Andrew J. Render
Patricia M. Cawthorne Federico Jaca Jr. Bruce C. Ringers
Allen L. Crothers Russel Dewey Jackson Jimmy R. Ryder
Ronald F. Cuneo Daniel F. Jacquish William J. Sorrentino Sr.
Como Jay H. Dahlgren Casey A. Jankowski Malcolm H. Sprauve Sr.
Charles Robert Elliott Como Walter R. Jaskiewicz Edward F. Sweeney
Braxton R. Ezell Mary E. Kennedy Theresa Sweeney
Como Joseph D. Favaloro Fred M. Kemode Deborah M. Thomas
J. Patrick Feighery Jr. Como Mary T. Larsen Como John D. Tyson
Como Peter E. Fernandez William C. Latimer Mariano Velazquez
David M. Fuller Gwendolyn S. Leys Thomas R. Walker
Nanellen S. Fuller Richard J. Leys Como Robert A. Weskerna
Felix R. Garcia John P. Liddell

The PDCA is a service organization whose mission is to encourage the professionalism of District 7 Auxiliary leaders, to act as a repository of District knowledge, and to be a resource to all members. To those ends, the PDCA will continuously update its website with information pertinent to those objectives. We encourage you to call on us.

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