Frank Wondolkowski, DDC-R

Frank Wondolkowski
District Directorate Chief - Response

The Response Directorate includes AUXAIR, AUX Surface Operations, and AUX Communications for District 7.

The Directorate serves pursuant to the policies of the Director of the Auxiliary and the Operations Training Officer. Cooperation with and support of the six Coast Guard Sectors and four Coast Guard Air Stations are mandatory.

All Response personnel work closely with their counterparts at the National level and well as with personnel in the other Directorates within the District to promote goal achievement consistent with the District Strategic Plan.

The Response Directorate mission is to provide skilled and capable personnel and assets to the United States Coast Guard as well as fulfill the expectations of America’s boating public.

Frank Wondolkowski

District Directorate Chief - Response

Response District Staff Officers (DSO)

AUX Air - Tom Powers

Tom Powers serves as DSO-AV for AUXAIR managed at the district level, whose assignment includes supervising the four Assistant District Staff Officers for Aviation (ADSO-AVs) also known as Auxiliary Air Coordinators (AAC). Numerous Assistant Auxiliary Air Coordinators (AAACs) are assigned to Coast Guard Air Stations Savannah, Clearwater, Miami and Borinquen. David Elliot, serves as Program Manager, supervises ADSO-AVs for Training, Standards, Technology and Aviation Management at the four Coast Guard Air Stations. District Flight Safety Officer, DFSO, Peter Hecht, serves to keep operational activity and aircraft functioning safely.

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AUX Surface Operation - Bob Dicicco

Bob Dicicco, DSO-OP, manages the district surface operations programs via the Division Officers for Operations (SO-OPs) in each Division. In addition, Bruce works with ADSOs in various regions of the district as well as Zoraida Sorrentino, the ADSO-OP who oversees the Interpreter Corps and Dudley Davis, the ADSO-OP who serves as the District Chief Qualification Examiner Coordinator. Newly authorized positions are ADSO-OP’s located at each of the six sectors to work alongside the ASC’s.

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AUX Communications - Mark Gaisford

District Communications are handled by Mark Gaisford, DSO-CM. Mark promotes and facilitates development of radio communications including VHF and HF assets in support of the Coast Guard, Federal State and local agencies with the assistance of the ADSO-CMs.

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AUX Emergency Management - Dan Jacquish

Emergency management for AUX is handled by Dan Jacquish, DSO-EM.