District Member Training T.E.A.M.

Training Every Auxiliary Member

The mission of the District Member Training TEAM will be to provide quality professional development to the members of District 7.

It is through professional development, we establish our commitment to improving our skills in support of the Coast Guard.

The TEAM’s training goals will support COMO Barth’s 2019 – 2020 Operational Plan in developing training in the following areas:

  1. Recruitment, Retention and Mentoring
  2. Operations
  3. Recreational Boating Safety
  4. Leadership Development

Meeting the training needs of district members will require close coordination and communication between the District, Divisions, and Flotillas.

Let’s meet the TEAM:

Michael Griffith (DSO-MT) – I have been a member of the Auxiliary for eight-years and am a member of Charlotte Harbor Flotilla 98 in Punta Gorda, FL where I am presently the IPFC. Also, I am currently on the National Training Directorate in the area of Special Project Administration where I assist in creating and editing training manuals and documents. I have a B.S. in Education from Kent State University and a M.Ed. in Education Leadership from Nova Southeastern University. I am a retired Florida educator. I am married to my wonderful wife Sue and we have two adult children who live in California. I will be the point of contact for the Divisions in Sector St. Petersburg and Sectors Key West & San Juan.

BT Marking (ADSO-MT SECCHA) – I have been a member of the Auxiliary for four-years and I am currently a member of Flotilla 12-8 in Charleston, SC. I am certified as boat crew, aircrew, VE, TCO, AV, IT and a fingerprint technician. I have administered a boat crew academy in the Charleston area for the past two-years. I worked for 17-years at various federal agencies, including five-years at FEMA HQ where I was an instructor at the Emmitsburg Training Center. I also worked at the State Department for 11-years, including three overseas tours and two-years instructing at the Foreign Services Institute. I served for 30-years in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) holding various command positions and qualifying as an incident commander, mission pilot, and ground team leader. One of my duties was to design and conduct complex field training exercises during my time in CAP. I hold a B.A. in political science from the Citadel.

Anthony Petriello (ADSO-MT SECMIA) – I have been a member of the Auxiliary since July 2010 with Flotilla 51 of the Palm Beaches and now with Flotilla 52 in Jupiter. I have been boat crew certified, a vessel examiner, partner visitation member, Instructor, Flotilla Public Education Officer, Division 5 Information Services Officer, AUXOP, and past Flotilla Commander. Currently, I am taking the Auxiliary Public Affairs Specialist 3 training modules. Previously, I was a Management Consultant with Cap Gemini, KPMG and IBM for 24 years combined, then an Associated Dean for Automotive, HVAC, and Marine Technologies programs for another 12 years. Presently, an Adjunct Math Professor at Palm Beach State College. During my tenure at Broward College I help design the Florida Curriculum Framework for Marine Engendering, Management and Seamanship.

Scott Thomas (ADSO-MT SECJAX) – I have been a member of the Auxiliary for 14-years and am a member of Flotilla 14-2 in Jacksonville, Fl. I am currently FSO – Diversity, Past FC, Past FSO - PV, MA, PA. VE and Past SO – MA, PV. I was certified as boat crew and IT PWC and I am currently certified in PV, VE. IT. I worked for Johnson & Johnson for 20 years in R& D where I managed experimental lines in Florida and in Europe. I also was responsible for new product launches. At J& J, I received Johnson & Johnson 6 Sigma Black Belt Certification and Champion Certification. I am currently semi-retired and have my own consulting firm on engineering and compliance for medical device companies. My wife is an Auxiliarist and we both enjoy boating. I hold a BS in Biology from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and a MA in Computer Information Management from Webster University.


If you have training suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the TEAM at [email protected].

Michael Griffith, DSO-MT