Tom Bamford District Directorate Chief - Logistics

Tom Bamford
District Directorate Chief - Logistics

When it comes to internal matters for District 7, you can count on the Logistics Directorate team. My responsibility is to assist the team in any way I can. During the coming year, the Logistics Team will be involved with training the various units, their leadership and the ADSOs based on the expertise of the Logistics Directorate District Staff. Each of the staff members are subject matter experts, and they are committed to helping each unit success in order to achieve greater expectations through improved performance.

The Logistics Team DSO Staff

Karen Miller is the editor for the entire Directorate of Logistics and works with each DSO for proof reading documents for the web and for all our District publications consisting of: “Breeze”, our District 7 flagship publication and "The D7 Connection”, our Human Resources publication.

Tom Bamford, District Directorate Chief - Logistics