“In a Nutshell” by Jesse Scott

The processing of disenrollment can be daunting if you are unprepared, the answer can be found on the District 7 Website in the HR Coner. There you will find the Procedures for the ANSC 7035 & 7056 dated Sept 2016.

Key dates to remember:

In District 7 all disenrollments must be signed by the Division Commander as will as the Flotilla Commander. So, make sure you send all disenrollments to your DCDR for their signature.

All disenrollments must be accompanied by the member's ID card (if they have been issued one). IF you cannot get the card, you must include an emplanation on the ANSC 7035 as per the ANSC 7035/7056 Procedure. The DSO-HR and DIRAUX will not accept disenrollment without either the scanned ID card indicating it was destroyed and initaled or an emplanation of the status of the card.

The October 1 reminder letters and forms must go out certified (see example of certified mail confirmation in the procedure). Remember the use Government stamps and checks to confirm the address listed in the Aux Directory. Request stamps from your FSO-MA if you need them.

Each certified mailing needs to include the following:

  1. A letter to the member reminding him/her about the dues and giving the option of paying their dues, disenrolling or retiring (if eligible).
  2. The ANSC 7035 form with Section 1 completed - see procedure for more detailed information (see page 6-10).
  3. A self-addressed, stamped envelope to wither the FC or FSO-FN. Again, use government stamps. Use the FC's or FSO-FN's address as both the return address as well as the addressee for this pre-addressed envelope.

Be sure to check the Aux Directory for their Base Enrollemtn Date (BED). If they meet or exceed 15 years, they should be processed as retirments.

Apply late fee penalty if appropriate in accorance with your standing rules or appendices.

A future effective date will not be processed. Do not submit an effective date of December 31 of that year, i.e. December 31, 2017

The certified receipt should be saved and submitted with all Disenrollments for Non-Payment of Dues.

A D7 Help Desk Ticket returned marked RESOLVED does not mean processed. All tickets should be opened and checked that the request has been processed.

Each request must be submitted with a separated D7 Help Desk Ticket.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have question.