U.S. Coast Guard App

Rules of the Road: Do you know what 'red, right, return' means? Brush up on the most important rules of the road to keep yourself and others safe on the water.

Report Hazards: Be a good Samaritan by reporting possible hazards to navigation directly to the Coast Guard.

Report Pollution: Keep the waterways clean and report any pollution to the nearest Coast Guard unit.

Suspicious Activity: See something suspicious? Let the Coast Guard know!

State Boating Information: Get all the necessary details about boating information for individual states - great for when you are traveling and taking long trips in the summer!

Safety Check: Request a safety check for your boat quickly and easily. Can't bring your boat in? The Coast Guard Auxiliary will make a trip to you.

Safety Equipment: Review what safety equipment you should have onboard your boat based on its size and propulsion.

Float Plan: Forget to file one before you hit the dock? No problem! File one on the mobile app and send it to your friends and family.

NOAA Buoys: Didn't check the weather before you left home? Find the nearest NOAA buoy to get weather information with the push of a button

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Updated 01/24/201