Commodore Henry G. Pratt, Auxiliary Sector Coordinator - Sector Charleston

Commodore Henry G. Pratt
Auxiliary Sector Coordinator - Sector Charleston

Coast Guard Sector Charleston is the northern most Sector in the 7th District. The AOR for Sector Charleston extends along the coast from the Florida border to the North Carolina line. Inland AOR includes all of South Carolina and nearly all of Georgia. Located in historic Charleston, Station/Sector Charleston is located shore side of the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. Major ports are located in Charleston and Savannah, GA.

Sector Charleston has small boat stations located in Brunswick and Savannah Georgia and also in Charleston and Georgetown, SC. Air Station Savannah at Hunter Field serves the coastal areas from Melbourne, Florida to the North Carolina line with helo support and AUXAIR Facilities.

Division 2 is located in inland Georgia, western South Carolina and lies a great distance from Sector Charleston With a present total of 6 Flotillas and over 270 members, Auxiliary members are seen by the public as the Coast Guard. Numerous inland lakes and rivers have Auxiliary support for Safety Patrols, Regattas, and SAR missions. Over the years, Division 2 has built an excellent working relationship with multiple agencies such as the Army Corps of Engineers, Georgia DNR, Local Law Enforcement Agencies and EMS. Two Flotillas are primary on-the-water responders for their respective counties. This has no doubt helped with scheduling Safe Boating Classes and Public Affairs events.

Division 10 serves an AOR stretching from south of C.G. Station Brunswick, Georgia up the coast to Helena Sound, S.C. With 4 Flotillas and over 233 members this Division works extensively with MSU Savannah and Air Station Savannah. Air Station Savannah depends on the Auxiliary for weekly support in training evolutions for their air crews and MSU Savannah schedules evolutions in the Savannah harbor area for safety and pollution patrols. Auxiliary crews are involved in both day and night operations.

Division 12 AOR stretches from Edisto Island S.C. to the North Carolina line and includes the inland lakes of South Carolina. Division 12 has over 270 members and 8 Flotillas. Two of the Flotillas are located on the inland lakes and the remaining 6 Flotillas are spaced out to cover the coastal waters and the AICW. During the hot weather months, all Flotillas are very busy supporting the Coast Guard with operations and the Boating Public. Safe Boating Courses and Public Affairs events are big ticket items all year.

Commodore Henry G. Pratt