Welcome to the "Recreational Boating Safety Visitation Program" (RBS-VP), a vital community outreach program of the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Our goal is to educate the recreational boater about safety to reduce the loss of lives and property damage caused by boating accidents. In fact, the Coast Guard considers this our "Job #1".

Auxiliary trained Program Visitors (PV) deliver essential and time sensitive safety news to the boating community, such as Coast Guard Safety Alerts, boating safety courses, Federal and State regulations, environmental notices and safety equipment recall notices.

Our PV “Ambassadors” are dedicated to providing safety literature and information to boaters through a vast network of marinas, marine dealers and supporting companies that service the boating community. This enables us to get more information to more boaters, and faster.

These Program Partners typically include marine dealerships, repair facilities, sporting goods stores, bait shops and boat rental outfits. Other businesses desiring to participate in promoting boating safety, such as medical facilities, various professional offices, restaurants/fast food establishments, hotels, motels and resorts together with transportation facilities, have partnered with us. Nationwide, we have tens of thousands of partners.

Make a difference! U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary members interested in becoming qualified as a Program Visitor can check with your Flotilla Staff Officer-Member Trainer. Get involved, get qualified, and get going for boating safety.

Find out how to become a Program Visitor here

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