District Publication Office

Publications Department Goals:

As your DSO-PB I have two primary goals. The first is to increase communication throughout the Publications (PB) Department from flotilla to district level. The second is to improve the quality of newsletters within our district. To accomplish the second goal, we must succeed in the first.

Communication is critical. I suggest PB officers within every division develop some kind of working collaboration whereby you proofread each other’s newsletters. Many publications officers may be required to submit their newsletter to their commander before publishing and distributing. I suggest that the proofreading be done before you send your publication on for final approval. Also, be sure to read each other’s newsletters. When you see articles or formats that you like or critical information that your readers would appreciate, do not hesitate to reprint... but always provide proper credit!

Another great resource for that final proofreading is your counterpart in the Public Affairs (PA) Department. This will benefit all, as we are part of the same department with different responsibilities.


We have an ADSO-PB assigned to each AOR:

Please take advantage of this officer when you have questions or need help. All SOs-PB should submit their monthly reports to their respective ADSO-PB. Flotilla's within divisions that do not have an SO-PB should submit their reports directly to the ADSO. If you have questions about how to complete the report or what information you should enter, please ask. While few people like preparing reports, they are critical. (Please note the distribution list in the Publications Officer’s Guide. Always include the SO and ADSO -PB when distributing newsletters.)

Breeze Submissions:

All articles submitted to the Breeze should follow the chain of communication (FSO-PB - SO-PB - ADSO-PB). A second avenue for submission to the Breeze is through the Public Affairs chain. Articles should be limited to 750 words. Longer articles require approval. We give preference to articles by and about the members and their various missions and activities… and we love great photos of the members in action! Send high resolution photos as attachments. Never embed them in an email or document. Often, an article is not required to tell a story. Just a photograph with a strong caption will suffice. While we do not require VIRIN ID numbers, we do need complete caption info: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY/HOW - and don’t forget the photographer’s name! (To write complete captions yourself, refer to the USCG Public Affairs Stylebook located under the PB Resources tab for how to write captions.) Please do not edit photos. Trust us to make them look their best. We are looking forward to another banner year.

District 7 is one of the largest and most active districts within the Auxiliary. Let us show off our units and members and all that we do!

Dorothy Joan Riley, DSO-PB