District Public Affairs Office

Public Affairs Officers at every level, from flotilla to district, have but one goal in mind—to promote our flotillas, divisions, District 7 and the US Coast Guard Auxiliary as a whole. Our primary focus is the external media outlets, such as local or national newspapers, radio and television stations—and even highway billboards.

We use several means to do our job:

  1. We keep in close contact with our bridges and fellow staff members.
  2. We check websites frequently, at all levels, for correct content and report errors.
  3. We strive to take advantage of every training opportunity available to us.
  4. We listen at staff meetings, ask questions, take pictures—essentially we are involved in telling the Auxiliary story.
  5. We show the Chain of Leadership and Management that we are an integral and important part of their operation by the publicity we generate for the units, the number of students we help to attract for Public Education courses and the new members who join because of articles and/or photos we published.

Every Public Affairs officer should think seriously about attending the C-School for Public Affairs, AUX-12. The list of available schools is usually published in early February each year. If you decide to attend one of the AUX-12 schools, submit your Short Term Training Request (STTR) to your FC as soon as the list is published. It must be signed by your flotilla commander before being submitted to the DIRAUX office. You can find the STTR form, with instructions on filling it out, at: http://www.uscga-district-7.org/PDF/D7%20STTR%20C%20School.pdf This is one course you will be glad you attended.< The instructors for AUX-12 are witty and top-notch, which makes for an interesting class. Once you complete your homework for the class and receive your certificate of completion, you should study the PA Specialist handbook and take the oral board to become a Public Affairs Specialist 3 (entry level). You will then become a member of an exclusive club and be awarded the recognizable red and white striped PA ribbon and medal. Currently, there are approximately 200 Public Affairs Specialists in the Auxiliary, out of over 23,000 members.

To learn more about the Public Affairs Specialist Program, click on this link: http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=A-DEPT&category=pa-specialist

To see the AUX-12 C-School matrix, check here in early February: http://wow.uscgaux.info/Uploads_wowII/AUX00/2017_C_School_Schedule.pdf<

The District 7 Public Affairs Team works very closely with the Publications Team (PB). The District 7 newsletter, Breeze, is a national award-winning publication that is designed to inform District 7 members of the many interesting and unique projects going on in our district. Every member of the PA Team is encouraged to submit articles, photographs, lessons learned, questions and suggestions. I must repeat---both departments are highly interested in articles and photographs. Every division should be represented in each issue of the Breeze. Articles may be published locally in the civilian media or throughout the Auxiliary in the many Auxiliary publications. The PA and PB staffs at every level have an intense desire to help budding authors. We promise that you will never hear a derogatory remark or criticism because we have all been there—we are a Team.

The District 7 Public Affairs Department has six highly-qualified and enthusiastic Assistant District Staff Officers (ADSO-PAs) who are listed below with their AOR:

The ADSOs and I are available to help you. We promise you our complete support in working with you to publicize the events that make your unit unique. Any member can write an article or press release and the PA and PB departments can assist you by reviewing it prior to submission. They can suggest changes in words or phrasing and assist you in getting your work published. Remember, an editor is much more likely to publish a story or article if it is accompanied by high-quality photos, WITH captions. Our ADSO-PA for Photography, Bob Fabich, will be happy to answer any questions regarding the type and size of photos to send with a story.

News and reports are communication with members within the unit, unit leaders and the next level of responsibility.

A summary of the most important features of a job, including the general nature of the work performed (duties and responsibilities) and level (ie, skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions) of the work performed.

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