District Member Training Office

The mission of district member training is multifaceted and is focused on developing the skill and knowledge level of each and every Auxiliarist in the District. One mission is to provide the highest quality of training materials on a timely basis. A second is to support the development and performance of the district instructor cadre. A third is to create a district training environment which supports the attraction and retention of Auxiliarists. A fourth is to support leadership training which reflects the best thinking and practices currently available. A fifth is to encourage a continual dialogue with district Auxiliarists to ensure that we meet the ever changing needs of the Auxiliary and the US Coast Guard.

Carrying out these missions will require close coordination with all other district departments and specifically with Operations to improve the skill levels of our on the water crews.

Member training is a core competency of this district. Establishing a foundation in this competency and building an approach of continuous improvement will provide long term support for the District 7th’s Missions.

News and reports are communication with members within the unit, unit leaders, and the next level of responsibility.

A summary of the most important features of a job, including the general nature of the work performed (duties and responsibilities) and level (ie, skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions) of the work performed.

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Alberto M. Juliachs , DSO-MT