Legal Department

Carl D. Motes, District Staff Officer Legal (DSO-LP)

J. Michael Shea, Esq., Assistant District Staff Officer Legal (ADSO-LP) West

Vacant - Assistant District Staff Officer- Legal (ADSO-LP)

James D. Stokes - Assistant District Staff Officer - Legal (ADSO-LP) ADVOCATE & CIVIL -North

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The Legal Department pages are for informational purposes only and are NOT an attempt to provide legal advice. Legal advice can only be provided on the basis of a specific case. All questions of a legal nature should be directed to the DSO-LP.

News and reports are communication with members within the unit, unit leaders, and the next level of responsibility.

A summary of the most important features of a job, including the general nature of the work performed (duties and responsibilities) and level (ie, skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions) of the work performed.

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