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The Human Resources Office is responsible for membership growth and retention.

Human Resources must be looked upon as a multi-limbed tree which originates from the same root. The initial obligation of Human Resources is to ensure continued growth of Auxiliary units by way of recruitment of new members and retention of existing members. At times, it is necessary at to interface with both unit leaders and other departments such as PA, PE VE and MT in order to market Auxiliary membership and retain members.

RECRUITING – The HR Department in District 7 has been following the E-responder Procedure that responds to electronic inquires received from the National Website. This procedure has been in effect for a number of years with great success. All inquiries are received and follow a chain of communication to ensure that all inquiries are addressed. If they are not promptly address, ADSO- HR Officers then send out emails and make phone calls to reach out to those who have not been re-contacted. If a response is received indicating there is still an interest, the appropriate HR Officers are notified requesting every effort be made to make contact. Approximately 50% of new members are a result of the efforts of those HR Officers involved in the program.

MENTORING – A new D7 Mentoring Program is in the process of being revised.

For more information regarding this office, please contact Angela Pomaro at

Additional information can be found in the “HR Corner” on the District 7 Website.

Updated 11/15/2017