William W. Bartley, District Captain East (DCAPT-E)

William W. Bartley
District Captain East (DCAPT-E)


Greetings from the over 2000 members of the largest, most diverse area in the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Our six divisions serve over 10 million citizens and the waterways from the Sebastian / Vero Beach area of Florida to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Our territory includes the Palm Beaches (one of Donald Trump’s homes), Ft. Lauderdale (Yacht Capital of the World), Miami (Calle Ocho, South Beach), The Fabulous Florida Keys (Conch Republic), Puerto Rico (home of the Coqui) and the Virgin Islands (amazing beauty and culture).

We support three Sectors (Miami, Key West and San Juan), Air Stations Miami and Borinquen, and over 10 Coast Guard Stations and Boat Forces Detachments. Support for the Coast Guard includes land, air and sea.

To support this complex area, we have Auxiliary Sector Coordinators to help with administrative support at sectors. Most stations now have an Auxiliary Unit Coordinator who helps with operations, morale and welfare (even baby showers and providing coffee for middle of the night missions) at the respective units. Other unsung heros include the Auxiliary Air Station Coordinators who act as operations officer interface to the active duty.

Land support includes public education, watch standing, public affairs, vessel exams, uninspected passenger vessel Exams, fishing vessel exams, pollution investigations, food service support, station augmentation and many others. Station augmentation has saved the Coast Guard over a million dollars. Projects include renovation of mess halls, recreation decks, building barbeque pits, painting, repairing generators and freezers, consulting and cleaning out sewer systems.

Shore side Marine Safety efforts have increased exponentially over the last few years. The number of Uninspected Passenger Vessel inspectors has increased, as has the number of Fishing Vessel inspectors. With the change in Fishing Vessel inspection regulations, this has helped offset the burden on the active duty.

Our members patrol over the Florida Straits and Mona Passage looking for smugglers and migrants. They provide logistics flights to resupply remote locations with equipment and crew. Other services have include area familiarization flights for new active duty transfers, VIP flights, search and rescue as well as other specific assignments. With these and their many other mission, our Auxiliary Air teams have provided excellent support to the Coast Guard.

Surface operations and Boat Forces are considered the “Soul of the Service.” Up tempo active duty operations are the norm in this area. Any opportunity to take a mission that saves the active duty time and allows the stations to meet the challenges of migrants and smugglers is an opportunity for direct, positive impact on Coast Guard operations. Whether this is two boat training with stations, area familiarization of new personnel or support for Air Station training, it is a service to over stretched stations.

Patrolling remote passages in the Caribbean is a Coast Guard Mission. Teaching boating safety in multiple languages in Puerto Rico and South Florida are Coast Guard Missions. Partnering with other agencies, protecting the environment and being good Coast Guard citizens are just part of what we do. We are there. We are involved. We are Semper Paratus. We are:

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary District Seven East!

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