Gary Barth, District Chief of Staff

Gary Barth
District 7 Chief of Staff

Welcome to the District 7 Chief of Staff (DCOS) web page. The DCOS works under the District Commander’s general direction and assists in the administration and accomplishment of all district activities. This office supervises and works with the District Staff Officers (DSOs) and the District Directorate Chiefs (DDCs), oversees the administration and management of district Auxiliary programs, and, when directed, acts for and on behalf of the DCO.

District 7 has three (3) Directorate Chiefs (DDC). The DDC for Response is Jonathan Nicholls, DDC for Prevention is Dewey Jackson and the DDC for Logistics is Daniel Hess. Each DDC supervises and works with the District Staff Officers under their area of responsibility.

We have a dedicated group of District Staff Officers (DSO) and Assistant District Staff Officers (ADSOs) who work with and assist members of District 7. These DSOs and ADSOs are there to help Divisions and Flotillas in whatever manner is needed. Due to increased demands and continued budget cuts, it is more important than ever for Flotillas and Divisions to work together, share resources and ideas. We’re proud of our District 7 members’ as they stand ready to meet the ever increasing needs of the Coast Guard and our communities.

Our District 7 officers are here to provide the support needed to accomplish these mission.

Remember, we are a part of a great team, TEAM COAST GUARD!

Gary P. Barth
D7 Chief of Staff