AuxDirectory is the replacement version of eDirectory, on July 1, 2010

eDirectory has served the Auxiliary well for a decade. This application was development by Robert Monroe and maintained by Jan Monroe who responded to members on various 900 topics. Jan will continue to download the feed to AuxDirectory from AuxData weekly and serve as the Help Desk. Retirement of eDirectory to the new version, will allow for Auxiliary hosting servers to upgrade functions.

Those members needing an Excel Unit Roster download, may do so from AuxData. Information is available in the "How To Library" in I Department. Topics are available in Power Point Presentations and PDF documents. "Useful AuxData Reports" demonstrates how to locate a roster. "Save a Report in Excel" and "Use Excel to Print a Member Roster" are both helpful.

[Posted: 7/5/2010 Source: Irene Wetzel, DIR-I]


National Communication Services (CS) & IS Guides Updated

The Communications Services guide discusses the nuts and bolts as well as the policy issues involved in creating and maintaining an Auxiliary unit or functional website. It also contains other information relevant to operating a successful CS program. Includes a What Works section which contains information on how various units get their CS job done and the tools (hardware and software) they use.

[Posted: 01/21/12 Source: David A. Hastings, DSO-CS]


What is AUX-04?

USCG Auxiliary Distance Education Technology Training (Basic)

AUX-04 is an U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary C-School intended to provide introduction in the use of current media systems in electronic presentation and web based technologies. The course is not designed or appropriate for advanced or professional users. Students will learn about the application of Internet and multimedia technologies for Auxiliary activities including communication services, member training, public education, and public affairs. The classroom based training involves the use of computers and the development of two projects; one being a multimedia presentation and the other building the basic structure of a unit website. These skills will be utilized when the student returns to their local unit.

For more information visit: AUX-04 Technology School


[Posted: 01/21/12 Source: David A. Hastings DSO-CS]