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Hello and Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary District 7 Website

Gary Barth, District Chief of Staff, and I welcome your visit to our District 7 webpage and urge you to explore this electronic resource for information on how to join our organization, and for our members to find specific information and resources relative to our purposes and missions.

District 7 is the largest of the 16 Coast Guard Districts nationwide, and D7 Auxiliary is dedicated to support active duty Coast Guard in all its missions in this area except direct law enforcement. We are the uniformed volunteer arm of the United States Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary was created by U.S. Congressional legislation on June 23, 1939. Last year as we marked our 77th year, we celebrated our progress, our growth, and our ever-growing list of missions to serve the Coast Guard and our communities.

It takes dedication, support from our families, and time commitment to be successful in the Auxiliary. We volunteer our boats, planes, and radios, buy our own uniforms, and pay dues to be members. We train to become certified in all specialties and mission areas in order to serve, and we train to become more skilled and knowledgeable on an ongoing basis.

In return, we make great new friends, learn new skills, hone our current skills, develop pride in our successful missions, earn the gratitude of those we serve, and become part of Team Coast Guard (Active Duty, Reservists, Civilian, and Auxiliary). While fellowship is one of our cornerstones, we never forget that we are a service organization – Semper Paratus (always ready) - to serve on the water, in the air, and on land. Do consider joining us now.

Judith Hudson
District 7 Commodore

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